Aponos medical

Aponos Medical Corporation was founded in 2008 to develop, evolve and commercialize its innovative approach to tissue management and closure in the GI space.
The young company won First Place in the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Venture Forum Business Plan Competition in 2009. While its first product, the Padlock Clip™ and Lock-It™ Delivery System, was invented for the emerging technology of Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES), the versatility, closure reliability and tissue healing results of challenging, complex, and chronic cases has attracted the attention interest and support from the GI community.
Leading physicians conducting clinical evaluations at multiple sites around the world have deemed the Padlock Clip superior to other endoscopic clips across a range of applications. Today, against all odds and in the face of much larger competitors, Aponos Medical is proud to take its place as the provider of the most advanced GI closure tissue management system available.